Oracle BI Cloud: Creating My Dashboard

In release of Oracle BI Cloud the interface has been significantly reworked and navigating to “My Dashboard” isn’t as clear as it was. In previous releases and the current tutorial exercises you could click on the “My Dashboard” link under “Dashboards” and be directed straight to a dashboard named “My Dashboard” and saved in the Read More

Oracle BI Cloud Snapshot Restore Failure

The very first thing I did when I gained access to my Oracle BI Cloud instance was take a snapshot of the instance state. I wanted to get my hands dirty with the sample model that comes with it, mess it up and just restore it later. However my first restore back to that snapshot Read More

Random Data Generation and Loading

Lately I have needed to use randomly generated data for a client demo. I found this cool free tool that I have used to generate some dummy customer data. I generated data to populate a fictitious customer table in a few clicks. This is the list of columns for my customer table.

This is Read More

Changing SYSDATE to be static or dynamic

Sometimes I’ll work on a database where SYSDATE is not entirely accurate. Sometimes the server is in another time zone or it hasn’t been set to accurately reflect what you would expect. It’s no big deal it’s just something you notice. However I worked at a client who had altered the date in their Test Read More

HTML oh my how you have changed…

I learnt basic web development techniques 15 years ago as part of my degree. Since then though I specialised in Oracle Database Development which I am really passionate about. I still remember the basic HTML tags to do a few basic things and every so often they come in handy. However a funny thing happened in the Read More

Free half day AUSOUG event by Sage

If you are an AUSOUG member there is a free half day education session on Wednesday the 19th of August 2015 in Perth. Event Details I will be presenting alongside my Sage Colleagues including two Oracle Ace’s! Penny Cookson – Practical Tuning Tips for Developers Kylie Payne – Snazzy SQL: Tidbits to advance your code Read More


I have always referred to traversing a hierarchical data structure as a tree walk. I’m not sure if that is a common term or not. I don’t use them regularly so when I do I generally find myself looking up the syntax of the CONNECT BY PRIOR component. 90% of the time I put the Read More

Day and Month strings contain trailing spaces

When you convert an Oracle Date into a characters string representing the Day or the Month the text strings aren’t quite what you would expect. On a couple of occasions I have written a SQL statement like the following and been left scratching my head

Why hasn’t it returned any Saturdays? The character string that Read More