HTML oh my how you have changed…

I learnt basic web development techniques 15 years ago as part of my degree. Since then though I specialised in Oracle Database Development which I am really passionate about. I still remember the basic HTML tags to do a few basic things and every so often they come in handy. However a funny thing happened in the last 15 years, HTML changed. The biggest change in this area related to the introduction of Mobile devices. So the basic HTML tags that I have been falling back to really should be eradicated form my memory and replaced.

This is a placeholder blog post and I intend to update it as I learn more of what has changed with the introduction of HTML 5 and cool new mobile friendly tags. If you have any suggestions of things to add please comment.

Old tags
New tags
<b>  </b> <strong>  </strong>
<i>  </i> <em>  </em>
<u>  </u> Consider an alternative
Show Deleted
<strike> </strike>
or <s> </s>
<del> </del>

As a general rule any tags that originally fell into the ‘Presentation Markup’ category should now really be replaced with CSS. So as an example don’t put <font> tags in your html anymore. Have the font in a style and apply the style. It separates out the content from the presentation.

HTML to create a phone link on a mobile friendly page. Works on iPhone and Android

Kylie Payne
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