Random Data Generation and Loading

Lately I have needed to use randomly generated data for a client demo. I found this cool free tool that I have used to generate some dummy customer data. I generated data to populate a fictitious customer table in a few clicks. This is the list of columns for my customer table.

This is an example of what it generated for me.

I generated it for Australian and New Zealand addresses and it even handled the lack of real States in New Zealand. I was pleasantly surprised. I then used Oracle SQL Developer to load the csv file into my table. The data isn’t perfect but it’s perfectly fine for examples and demos.

Check it out here: generatedata.com

While I used SQL developer to load the data an alternative would have been to use the nifty SQL Loader Express 12c feature that I read about today on Connor McDonald’s Blog.

Check it out here: Loading file data… easier than you think .

Such a nice pair of time saving tools for smashing some data into tables.

Kylie Payne
Dancing With Oracle