Oracle BI Cloud Snapshot Restore Failure

The very first thing I did when I gained access to my Oracle BI Cloud instance was take a snapshot of the instance state. I wanted to get my hands dirty with the sample model that comes with it, mess it up and just restore it later. However my first restore back to that snapshot was not successful. ¬†It didn’t look like it failed initially, I didn’t receive an error message it just didn’t work.

I missed one key thing. Before I restored to my snapshot I had locked the model for edit. I obliterated the model during that edit and went straight into restore it to it’s original state. The lock was maintained even after logging in and out etc. So my restore had worked perfectly fine but I didn’t see the restored model until releasing the lock.

I believe that this is a minor bug in the particular early release I’m using – Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service¬† Hopefully it will be fixed in the next release.

Kylie Payne
Dancing With Oracle