Why Dancing With Oracle?

There’s two things in life that I’m particularly passionate about the first is dancing and the second is working with Oracle Technologies. I started dancing as an adult when I was working as a consultant at Oracle.  I attended my first Salsa class with a colleague. Learning to dance as an adult is a rather complex challenge. You are bombarded with instructions and you try to rapidly absorb a wealth of new information and sensory inputs.  Dancing has a complex social dimension too where there are layers of human interaction and social etiquette. None of which a career in IT sufficiently prepares you for! =)

What beginners don’t realise though is that dancing is an intellectual challenge as much as it is a physical challenge. Your brain needs time to develop new neurological pathways so the messages get from your brain to your limbs. It’s a fantastic physical, intellectual and social workout that I highly recommend everyone try. When two people dance together they are embarking on a non-verbal conversation. The lead generally invites the follow to attend that conversation. The lead sets the tone for that conversation and creates dancing opportunities for the follow to accept or decline. An experienced lead creates opportunities for that follow to flourish based not on the leads desire but the follows capacity and comfort.

When two people dance together that don’t know the same dance style it’s a lot like a conversation between people that don’t speak the same language. The music might be the same but both are interpreting that music differently. It’s rather similar to the delicate task of requirements gathering. I have worked with many different businesses in a range of different industries. Every time I enter a new workplace there is a new set of terminologies to master and acronyms to learn. It always fascinates me the power of the language that businesses use. If you use the incorrect term for something it quickly leads to confusion and sometimes even resistance. Learning to speak the clients language is very similar to adapting to a different style of dance.

I have spent most of my career focusing on the creation of custom applications to meet the varying needs of businesses. I joined Oracle as a graduate in 2004 and I have been working in this space ever since. Oracle technology creates a multitude of opportunities to create exceptional applications tailored to a businesses individual needs. I joined Sage Computing Services in 2010 and since then I have worked with Oracle ADF and APEX predominantly.

In 2013 I presented on ‘Oracle ADF for newbies’ at INSYNC13 which is the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) conference held in Perth Western Australia. Prior to learning to dance I hated the thought of lots of people looking at me and a room of people was incredibly daunting. However after a couple of years of demoing dance moves with my dance partner I certainly felt more comfortable with that aspect of presenting.

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