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Random Data Generation and Loading

Lately I have needed to use randomly generated data for a client demo. I found this cool free tool that I have used to generate some dummy customer data. I generated data to populate a fictitious customer table in a few clicks. This is the list of columns for my customer table.

This is Read More


I have always referred to traversing a hierarchical data structure as a tree walk. I’m not sure if that is a common term or not. I don’t use them regularly so when I do I generally find myself looking up the syntax of the CONNECT BY PRIOR component. 90% of the time I put the Read More

Day and Month strings contain trailing spaces

When you convert an Oracle Date into a characters string representing the Day or the Month the text strings aren’t quite what you would expect. On a couple of occasions I have written a SQL statement like the following and been left scratching my head

Why hasn’t it returned¬†any Saturdays? The character string that Read More